Table saw sled

Finally got around to building a sled for the table saw.  It slides on rails in the table saw slots and makes ripping pretty much anything a breeze.  Image

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Custom maple bow grip


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Key storage boxes

We needed a better looking and more functional place for our car keys than the kitchen countertop.  And they can easily be modified to hide a hand gun for home defense, not that I would suggest it with kids in the house, but I have made them for that purpose.


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Kids artwork picture frames

I designed these to proudly display and store my kids artwork.  No more pictures taped to the fridge, doors, and walls.  Pictures can be switched out in seconds, oh, and they work perfect for spelling and math tests.  You can store at least 50 works of art behind the frame.


They can hang landscape or portrait.


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Canopy Princess bed

I figured that if I could build a barbie doll bed a full size bed should be just as easy…  So after a year of promises, I finally made good on my word and made Morgan her “fancy” bed.  Of course the motivation came from selling her other bed….shhhh, don’t tell anyone.

This was the headboard and footboard that I made for Morgans first big girl bed when she was 2 years old. (the one I sold…)


I found this bed with for sale on Ebay for $2399 plus $199 shipping….Yeah, “holy sugar honey ice tea”, thats what I said too.   Well naturally I had to build it my self, and being on the low budget program I wanted to build the same bed for…. oh, about half of the shipping price.  About 20 hours later and just over budget, this is what we have.

Ebay bed….

My budget knock off bed…


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Barbie doll bed and jewelry box for Morgan

I had a piece of maple sitting around and needed to make a few projects.


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First bowl on lathe

Made this maple jewelry bowl for Katie on my new to me free lathe.


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